New Natural Gas Pipeline Key to GEO Sustainability Efforts

How to reduce costs and keep jobs in the manufacture of products by the Paints & Coatings Division of GEO Specialty Chemicals, Inc.

A critical part of GEO’s growth strategy is finding ways to sustain product life, employee jobs, air and water quality, and corporate profits. The conversion from foreign oil to natural gas in manufacturing has been critical as American business strives to lessen dependency on oil imports. The additional production of natural gas in the United States, due to fracking techniques in shale, has led to increased natural gas inventories and falling prices of this domestic energy source. GEO monitored energy costs for several years to find the right time for conversion to natural gas. After determining that the long-term return on investment was justified to tap into a natural gas line owned by UGI Corporation, a local utility, and located a few miles from GEO’s Allentown manufacturing facility, GEO approved the capital expenditure to convert energy systems from fuel oil to natural gas. In December 2010, construction was completed of a 2.2 mile long pipeline, connecting it from the local utility source to the Allentown plant. This new, domestic fuel source fires three large boilers responsible for generating the steam that drives GEO plant production. The new pipeline is one way that GEO has fortified its position in the Paints & Coatings marketplace, preserving the employment of its workers, continuing valued partnerships with vendors and customers and all the while investing in environmental stewardship. With the installation, significant reductions in NOx, SOx, VOC and greenhouse gas emissions were achieved. The completion of the pipeline provided a unique community service, too: a nearby public high school tapped into the gas line, converted its energy source and saved taxpayers more than $400,000 per year. Solutions. That is our specialty.

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