A Non-toxic Alternative for Investment Casting Wax

PlanesManufacturers of precision metal components, such as those used in the automotive or aircraft industries, often rely on a casting process known as “investment” or “wax process” casting.  This is particularly useful for precision casting of high melting point metals which cannot be cast in plastic or metal molds.  The investment casting process involves the injection of a wax compound into a melt die to create a wax pattern.  The wax pattern is then coated in a ceramic material, which is then cured. Finally, the wax is melted and removed to create a hollow ceramic mold.

The wax compounds used in this process must be carefully formulated to ensure that they maintain their dimensional stability and do not expand and contract during the various heating and cooling steps involved in the preparation of the mold.  Bis-phenol A (BPA) is commonly used as an additive to help in this process, but there are significant health and safety concerns associated with its use as it is classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as an inventory item under the Toxic Substance Control Act (section 8).

GEO’s TRIMET® TME can be used as a safer alternative to BPA in investment casting applications.  It has very similar thermal and physical properties to BPA, but is non toxic, and as such is not an EPA regulated material.   Solutions.  That is our Specialty.

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