Making Way for More Affordable U.S. Oil

Find a way to provide uninterrupted drilling time during lateral penetration in the underground oil field fracking process and increase production efficiencies.

Consider this: the United States consumes 19.2 million barrels of oil each day and it produces about half, or 9.8 million barrels, of that oil while the rest is imported. Now, consider this: there could be 17 billion barrels of U.S. produced oil available sooner than we think – much of it located in a handful of shale oil fields like the Bakken Basin in North Dakota. These oil fields lie deep under the earth’s surface, some 10,000 feet underground. Drilling here is more art than science. One large problem is extending the life of the drill and the drill bit when deep underground. Making drilling more efficient to be able to more safely reach the immense amount of oil under surface can be done with GEO lubricants, i.e. GEOlube® SCO. The lubricant provides lubricity, reducing drag and torque, and thus, extending the life of the drill bit and saving time having to replace it. Right now, GEOlube® is used primarily to support more than 200 oil rigs in this north central region of the United States. However, the product – sold in drums and easily truckable pails for immediate use by oil field operators – has immense potential and cost savings to help the American oil boom as the industry improves its efficiencies and the United States reduces its dependency on foreign oil. Solutions. That is our specialty.

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