Lenses Where You Can See the Difference

Wearers of contact lenses may not realize it, but their lenses usually display a subtle blue-colored tint.  This is not a feature intended to enhance the color of the wearer’s eyes.  
The light blue tint is there to make the lenses easier to see and handle when being fitted, and is an essential component of lens design.  Incorporating this “handling tint” into the lens creates challenges for the lens manufacturer, involving additional manufacturing steps that not only add cost, but also significantly increase the risk of mechanical damage to the lens during the tinting process.  GEO’s patented “Bisomer IMT in monomer tinting system” has been specifically designed to overcome these problems. It comprises a very simple to use, high-purity monomer dye, which co-polymerizes with the other monomers in the formulation, forming a blue-tinted polymer.  As such, it can be easily incorporated into typical lens manufacturing processes.  The elimination of additional production steps and improvement in yields offer lens manufacturers significant cost savings.  GEO’s Bisomer IMT in monomer tinting system is FDA registered, exempt from certification, carries no restrictions on its usage and is suitable for both conventional and silicone hydrogel contact lenses.  It is available as a monomer dye, or in a tailor-made, ready to use monomer blend.  Solutions.  That is our Specialty.

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