Less Water, Less Energy, Better Board

In a world that needs more and better construction materials, wallboard is the backbone of the industry. In general, construction materials that are more efficient to produce, lighter to load, cheaper and easier to ship, and stronger than their predecessors are in demand. 

A low-cost water reducer to dry wallboard, Diloflo® CA-30 was introduced in the United States in 2007. Lower water requirements produce a combination of lower kiln temperatures, no retardation and increased line speeds.

Diloflo® CA-30, specifically developed for use in gypsum wallboard, can achieve higher levels of water reduction with dosage levels normally varying from 1.0- 6.0 lb/MSF (5 - 29 g/m2) depending on specific plant conditions. Calcium polynapthalene sulfonates have a higher activity than sodium salt variants due to the absence of residual by-products.

This high range water reduction over conventional water reducers achieves energy savings, increased production efficiencies and enhanced drying time.

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