A Commitment to Customers … and Community

In today’s world, the GEO commitment to safety and quality starts at home, in the towns where its employees live and extends globally to customers around the world. Solving problems and creating solutions that benefit our customers.

GEO invites you to take a look at these short stories on topics ranging from innovative customer solutions to examples of good community relations.

Saving Taxpayer Dollars, One Gallon at a Time

GEO scientists encountered a large municipal city located in the Southeast of the United States seeking ways to extend the “shelf life” of the 12-16” tubes in the non-conventional membrane water filtration plant, a relatively new technology. The facility produced more than ten million gallons of drinking water every day, and the iron coagulant used in the process needed to be replaced. GEO conducted multiple jar tests over a three-month period using aluminum coagulants with impressive results: • Less frequency in cleaning water tubes • Longer life span for equipment • Increased permeability by 0.5 GFD • Lower membrane pressure by 3-4 psi • Improved filter run time from 50 to 80 hours • Settled water, turbidity, drop from 1.3 (norm) to .80 GEO’s municipal customer saved $10 for every million gallons, totaling $100 per day, or $37,000 per year. As more plant conversions go online, annual savings for infrastructure around the world will be substantial. Solutions. That is our specialty.

Back on the Road with Bisomer® BZMA

GEO’s Bisomer® BZMA can be used as an alternative to MMA in a range of applications; most notably flooring, adhesives and road marking. It is non flammable, has low odor compared to MMA and is classified as non VOC. Bisomer BZMA is also low viscosity (~2.5 cP.s) and exhibits excellent cutting power which can allow for increased PMMA and aggregate levels in the formulated product. By using a non flammable reactive diluent such as Bisomer BZMA, formulated products can be used in public areas, enclosed spaces and work environments with limited ventilation. These liquid formulations can also be transported and stored more easily. In road marking paints Bisomer BZMA helps increase the pigment/aggregate loading and improves the water resistance of the formulated product, providing excellent wear resistance combined with good flexibility to avoid cracking over time. In PMMA based acrylic flooring systems, the use of low odor, non VOC, Bisomer BZMA helps reduce ventilation periods. This means faster turnaround times, a real advantage in many industrial flooring contracts. When used in structural adhesives, Bisomer BZMA offers excellent cure speed and confers improved adhesion to the substrates commonly used in auto, rail and marine fabrication. These adhesives are frequently applied in restricted work environments to bond dissimilar materials with short cure times. Bisomer BZMA has a good affinity with many of the elastomers used in structural adhesives such as SBR (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber). Bisomer BZMA also has a high refractive index (1.51) which can help to give improved aesthetics in laminating adhesives or decorative flooring. Bisomer BZMA is compatible with other reactive diluents including the full range of Bisomer monomers: mono and difunctional methacrylates, hydroxy functional (meth)acrylates and amine accelerators such as Bisomer PTE. Solutions. That is our specialty.

Application Specific Blends

For more information on custom formulations and application specfic formulations, please contact us.