High-level chemical development and scale-up operation

We partner with pharma services (and animal health) clients typically in the preclinical and early development space, offering flexible solutions and applying enabling chemical technologies for the custom development and manufacturing of small molecule intermediates and API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients).
At GEO UK, our rich site history and culture of partnering has reinforced the ability of our custom synthesis group to deliver in four key industry areas:
  • Custom Manufacturing and Development
  • Fine Chemicals and Pharma Intermediates
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Specialty Chemicals
We provide high impact and customized solutions in the pharma services and custom synthesis space to enable progression of projects through development.
Our main areas of activity are:
  • Synthesis of intermediates and API for preclinical requirements
  • Non-GMP intermediates for early development API needs
  • Early scale-up and industrialization of chemical processes
We aim to address our partners needs in terms of:
  • Developing and scaling up safe, viable and cost-effective chemical processes from laboratory or kilolab to a production environment
  • Providing customised solutions in terms of specific (and niche) chemistries and enabling chemical technologies
  • Addressing capability gaps in terms of chemistries, technologies and scale
  • Facilitating the progression of client processes from laboratory through development

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Custom Synthesis Overview


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