GEO’s New Cleaning Agent Helps to Reduces Waste and Expense for the Oil & Gas Industry

An affordable solution to improve the equipment cleaning processes compared to other above ground cleaning chemicals currently being used in the Oilpatch.  As industry production continues, a need to economically minimize waste and residual generated by drilling/completion processes becomes ever more important. One of the challenges in E&P is the need for quick and effective, equipment cleaning agents.

The Specialty & Construction Division of GEO Specialty Chemicals, Inc. – already supplying the oil & gas industry with its lubricants, inhibitors, friction reducers, cement dispersants, defoamers and other oilfield products – is introducing the cleaning power of one of its surfactant based products for use on equipment at all oil and gas locations across the Americas.  Companies are in need of a cost effective method to clean, scrub, rinse and flush the oil and grime associated with all manner of oilfield equipment.  GEO’s Hyonic® Rig Wash is the answer.  Hyonic® Rig Wash has the power to remove dirt, crude oil, pipe dope and oily grime from all substrates; wood, metal and concrete.  Easy handling instructions make Hyonic® Rig Wash an effective cleaning agent for everyday use; which will reduce downtime due to cleaning.  Solution That is our Specialty.


  • Available in 330-gallon totes or 5-gallon pails
  • Application using high-pressure, dipping, soaking or hand sprayer methods of dirt removal

Contact Information

John Rizol
Global Sales Manager
GEO Specialty Chemicals, Inc.
Specialty & Construction Division
340 Mathers Road
Ambler, PA 19002
P: 704-906-0794