• White water to clear in appearance
  • Certified by NSF for drinking water treatment at a maximum dosage of 250 mg/L


  • White water to clear in appearance
  • Certified by NSF for drinking water treatment at a maximum dosage of 250 mg/L


  • Water and waste water treatment
  • Paper manufacturing

Specifications & Grades

Assay (As available water soluble Al2O3) 10.0% min
Specific Gravity  1.19
PH  2.3 - 2.7
Relative Basicity  45 -60%
Grade  Technical 

Product Applications & Benefits


  • Charge Neutralization
  • Coagulation
  • Liquid-solids Separation
  • Phosphorus Removal
  • TOC Reduction
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Water Clarifications


  • Economical Cationic charge
  • Effective in Color Removal
  • Phosphate and Color Removal

PAC is not a single product, but an entire spectrum of versatile inorganic polymers. PAC's are characterized by two primary numbers: their strength (usually in % alumina, or Al2O3), and their basicity. Basicity gives a general idea of the amount or degree of polynuclear material in the PAC. At the low end of the basicity scale is ACS, with 0% basicity (which means it is not a PAC). The lowest basicity commercial PAC's are about 10%; most PAC's are in the medium to high basicity range (50-70%). At the top of the scale is aluminum chlorhydrate (ACH): at 83%, it is the highest stable basicity PAC available. (ACH is simply a special species of PAC - more about ACH in the next section).

PAC's can offer a number of advantages over traditional coagulants such as alum or iron salts. Because PAC's are pre-neutralized and have a higher charge density than traditional coagulants, they coagulate via a more efficient mechanism, called charge neutralization. This allows PAC's to be effective at lower doses than alum or iron salts, when one compares the actual metal being added by the coagulant to the system. Resulting benefits can include:

  • Less pH depression and alkalinity depletion, reducing lime or caustic requirements
  • Reduced chemical sludge volumes.
  • Sludge density is increased.
  • Improved results in higher pH systems.
  • Better performance in cold water.

And because PAC does function so differently, there are many applications where it will provide finished water quality that the traditional coagulants can't achieve.

GEO understands the relationships between basicity, alumina content and the way a PAC will perform. We also have the capability to produce PAC's across the entire spectrum of basicity; our standard line includes low, medium, high and maximum basicity products. Combine our applications and manufacturing expertise, and GEO can find the optimal PAC product for you. 

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