Saving Taxpayer Dollars, One Gallon at a Time

Water purification systems are increasingly important in municipal settings of most American cities. Is there any way to increase water quality while decreasing costs with a minimum of capitalization?

GEO scientists encountered a large municipal city located in the Southeast of the United States seeking ways to extend the “shelf life” of the 12-16” tubes in the non-conventional membrane water filtration plant, a relatively new technology. The facility produced more than ten million gallons of drinking water every day, and the iron coagulant used in the process needed to be replaced. GEO conducted multiple jar tests over a three-month period using aluminum coagulants with impressive results:

  • Less frequency in cleaning water tubes
  • Longer life span for equipment
  • Increased permeability by 0.5 GFD
  • Lower membrane pressure by 3-4 psi
  • Improved filter run time from 50 to 80 hours
  • Settled water, turbidity, drop from 1.3 (norm) to .80

GEO’s municipal customer saved $10 for every million gallons, totaling $100 per day, or $37,000 per year. As more plant conversions go online, annual savings for infrastructure around the world will be substantial. Solutions. That is our specialty.

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