Public Version of ITC Preliminary Determination Report


May 25, 2018, Ambler, Pa. -- The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) - The ITC has released the public version of its preliminary determination report containing its findings, which is attached.  Its findings are summarized succinctly at the end of the impact section:
As described above, the volume of cumulated subject imports was significant, both absolutely and relative to apparent U.S. consumption. These cumulated subject imports significantly undersold the domestic like product and depressed prices for the domestic like product to a significant degree. This resulted in the domestic industry achieving lower revenues than it would have otherwise, particularly during 2017, when revenues declined in light of falling prices for the predominant grade of domestically produced glycine. Revenues declined by more than costs, leading to declining financial performance during the latter part of the POI. Consequently, for purposes of the preliminary phase of these investigations, we find that subject imports had a significant impact on the domestic industry. We have also considered whether there are other factors that may have had an adverse impact on the domestic industry during the period of investigation to ensure that we are not attributing injury from such other factors to the subject imports. As described above, nonsubject imports had a small and declining presence in the U.S. market during the POI. The small volume of nonsubject imports does not explain the domestic industry’s declines in performance or its falling prices. Similarly, while respondents argue that the subject imports entered the U.S. market during the POI because of domestic producers’ inability to meet demand, any purported inability of domestic producers to satisfy the entire market cannot explain the underselling and price depressing effects of the cumulated subject imports. Accordingly, for purposes of these preliminary determinations, we conclude that cumulated subject imports had a significant impact on the domestic industry.

Read the Full ITC Glycine Affirmation Prelim Determination Report Here