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Wide array of technology from organic to inorganic chemistry to cover all faces of coagulation and flocculant application.
From aluminum chloride solution (ACS), polyaluminum chloride (PAC), aluminum chlorohydrate (ACH), aluminum-based clay products, polyamines, polydadmacs, melamine formaldehyde to mannichs customized specialty formulations in aqueous and emulsion form under UltraFloc® and UltraPac® Brand. 
GEO's customized business model delivers performance advantage over traditional alternatives while maintaining or reducing overall chemical treatment costs.
Manufacturing facilities in Baltimore, MD, Bastrop, LACentreville, MSChattanooga, TNCoosa Pines, AL, Counce, TN, Demopolis, AL, DeRidder, LA, Georgetown, SC, Lake Charles, LA, Little Rock, AR, Little Rock Mine, AR, Monticello, MS, Naheola, AL, Plymouth, NC and Savannah, GA.

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Water Treatment Chemicals

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