Better H2O Performance with Lower Costs

PlanesServiced out of GEO’s Deer Park facility, GEO’s technical team has recently worked with a local municipality that has found GEO’s water purification methods to be beneficial in quality and cost. It starts with a surface water treatment plant, which historically ran using aluminum sulfate as the primary coagulant. This facility has faced challenges during certain times of the year such as rain events, temperature changes and high water flows. 

GEO recommended that the municipal water operation change to a polyaluminum chloride formula to improve plant performance and reduce overall water treatment costs. By formulating a product specific to the facilities raw water parameters, the use of polyaluminum chloride, produced at GEO’s Deer Park production facility, has shown a reduction in dosage, less residuals produced, a significantly lower caustic usage and reduced overall treatment costs.
GEO’s recommended use of polyaluminum chloride immediately showed positive results with a lower dosage that exceeded settling requirements. The polyaluminum chloride dose was reduced as time went on with data further proving there was an increase in plant performance. Overall permeability increased compared to the former aluminum sulfate program. Data showed that there was a 70% reduction in coagulant used at the plant.

  • Coagulants produce a metal salt that adds to the sludge created from the coagulation process. Performance data indicates that the lower doses experienced will reduce metal salt generated (sludge) by 30% - 40%. The facility also noticed that the handling of the sludge was easier and lighter to pump and remove.
  • Polyaluminum chloride consumes less alkalinity than alum. Therefore, the demand for post PH adjustment is less on a polyaluminum chloride treatment program. During certain raw water conditions the facility was able to completely shut off the post PH adjustment. Other times a minimal PH adjustment was required. The net result was that caustic usage was reduced by an astounding 80% - 100%.
  • The facility was able to reduce overall treatment costs by 25%.
The lower dose and improved turbidities proved to demonstrate longer filter runs for the facility. The plant was able to run the filters longer before each backwash or cleaning.
GEO Benefits
70% reduction in coagulant pounds used per day.
30%-40% reduction in sludge disposal.
80%-100% caustic reduction dependent on raw water parameters.
25% reduction in treatment cost per year.
Longer filter runs and related cost savings.
Additional cost savings such as a reduction of electrical and water costs.

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